Orlando and Freedom

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After Wintering in a rural part of Southern Florida, it was refreshing to get back to “civilization” at Stage Stop Campground in Winter Park, a suburb of Orlando. The campground was set back off the road and had a good mix of full-time, seasonal, and itinerant guests, with ages ranging from young Disney fans to sun-seeking retirees. We had our pick of restaurants, grocers, and amusement parks. We practically lived at a cute little boba tea shop called Lucky Straws, which catered to gamers. Continue reading

Southern Florida

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After hanging out in Boca for a few weeks, we were ready to settle down and work on the rig. Particularly getting all of our possessions organized and accessible. We were also getting familiar with the bus and researching some purchases, including our screen room and a waterless RV wash system. (Reviews coming soon.)

We moved into MRV Resort in Moore Haven, FL, just west of Lake Okeechobee.  It was our intention to stay a month or two, but we ended up staying the whole winter! The neighbors couldn’t be friendlier. (Shout out to the Slyters, rocking Phae’s sister Phaeton. Hope your spirits are high and your golf scores are low!) I hoped to catch a couple of French lessons and learn Petanque from the French Canadian snowbird population while we were there.  Alas, my work schedule did not allow it.

Derpy Cat

Everyone loved MRV Resort, especially Olivia. This is her “I’m having a blast” face.

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Carry On

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The Adventure Begins

Matt had plenty of work in Florida at the beginning of 2016, so it was as good a place as any to start our adventure.  We had a pit stop in Knoxville on the way, for some training for Matt.  (Shout out to M & L Sound!)  Sadly, we could not spare much time to visit this lovely city.  We will be back!

We were still flying by the seat of our pants at this point.  The Waldorf-Astoria, where Matt was working, was extremely kind in arranging space for us in their convention center loading area.  This was doubly convenient in that we didn’t have to find a nearby park and that the pets didn’t have to be boarded when I had to travel, too.  Matt enjoyed the rockstar treatment of having his house parked right outside the venue.  I, however, found that the constant noise and confusion didn’t suit my tastes.  It was certainly not my first choice to lay my weary head to rest.  Luckily, Matt’s room assignment was an excellent alternative.  If you ever have the chance (or the budget) to stay in the bungalow suites, I highly recommend it. Continue reading