Planning a Mobile Salad Garden

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One of the challenges of dry camping is healthy eating. The further out into the wilderness you go, the longer it takes to get to a decent-sized grocery store with a reasonable produce selection. This encourages us to over buy on produce when we shop, leading to eventual waste.

I’m not saying the same thing didn’t happen when we lived in a house. I just had different excuses then. Continue reading

Life with a Composting Toilet

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Its been quite the adventure since I got distracted, enjoying my new found freedom. (Check out our map to see where 2016 took us!) I’ll tell you all about it soon enough, but today I want to give you the straight poop about our composting toilet! Ba-dum tch!

Brace yourselves people. There will be a LOT of toilet humor in this article. Continue reading

20 Ways to Conserve Water – Part 2

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Toilets, Showers, and Yards

Last week I told you a bit about our new water challenges and how that shapes our water consumption habits. We discussed conservation at the sink and on laundry day. Today, we will continue the water-savings and touch on how to take your first steps towards improvement in your own home.

In the Shower

The shower is by far our largest water hog. We currently have a “low-flow” shower head using 2.5 gallons per minute, the same as most households, these days. If the two of us each take a 10-minute shower, we’ve blasted through 1/2 of our supply in one morning. Clearly we have to be careful in this arena.  Continue reading