Life with a Composting Toilet

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Its been quite the adventure since I got distracted, enjoying my new found freedom. (Check out our map to see where 2016 took us!) I’ll tell you all about it soon enough, but today I want to give you the straight poop about our composting toilet! Ba-dum tch!

Brace yourselves people. There will be a LOT of toilet humor in this article. Continue reading

20 Ways to Conserve Water – Part 1

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Sinks and Washers

Our relationship with water changed when it no longer flowed effortlessly into and out of our home. We now obtain water in 100-gallon increments, which is the limit of our fresh water tank. (We can slightly overfill our 90-gallon tank.) Our full clean water tank weighs in at a whopping 834 pounds! It’s not something we can haul from the grocery store, especially as we wander deeper into the wild.

Additionally, we keep our used water with us in a 70-gallon grey tank (shower, sinks, washer) and a 50-gallon black tank (toilet). If these systems were ever to overflow, they would back up directly into our home.  There is no wiggle room in these figures! Continue reading