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The Adventure Begins

Matt had plenty of work in Florida at the beginning of 2016, so it was as good a place as any to start our adventure.  We had a pit stop in Knoxville on the way, for some training for Matt.  (Shout out to M & L Sound!)  Sadly, we could not spare much time to visit this lovely city.  We will be back!

We were still flying by the seat of our pants at this point.  The Waldorf-Astoria, where Matt was working, was extremely kind in arranging space for us in their convention center loading area.  This was doubly convenient in that we didn’t have to find a nearby park and that the pets didn’t have to be boarded when I had to travel, too.  Matt enjoyed the rockstar treatment of having his house parked right outside the venue.  I, however, found that the constant noise and confusion didn’t suit my tastes.  It was certainly not my first choice to lay my weary head to rest.  Luckily, Matt’s room assignment was an excellent alternative.  If you ever have the chance (or the budget) to stay in the bungalow suites, I highly recommend it.

While Matt was hard at work, Maybe and I went in search of a beach.  Not having had a dog in a coastal town before, I quickly learned that pups are persona-non-grata on beaches. So instead, we spent the first day watching boats come in and out of the channel at South Inlet Park.

After a bit more research, we found that Spanish River Park has a sliver of beach reserved for pups just North of the people beach, and Maybe got to experience the ocean for the first time.  She found this stormy sea of moving emotion a bit overwhelming. She’s pretty sure it wants to eat her.

Dog on beach

It can be difficult to find lunch in Boca.  It seems that every restaurant opens at 5pm.  So we were thrilled to find a gem of a place called Rebel House.  But we also did some plain old grocery shopping and took advantage of the full kitchen in our suite.


The living area of our bungalow was twice size of the bus. Photo Credit

With both of us working full time, we didn’t have a chance to get out as much as we would have liked.  But even just hanging out on the Waldorf property was lovely.  Maybe had a love/hate relationship with the piers in the marina.  She loved peeking over the edge at the water below, but was terrified of the slapping sound of the water on the boat hulls. (She never claimed to be a wise dog.)

Boca Raton Marina

We enjoyed a walk along the marina just about every evening. Photo Credit

Heaven waits for you in the paradise of landscaped walkways and hidden gardens.  Our daily walks were delightful.  We ran out of time to try the on-site surf simulator “FlowRider”.  But as luck would have it, we have video of Matt showing off his surfing skills on a previous visit.  For your viewing pleasure…

I know.  What a stud! I’m a lucky woman. ❤

At this point it was time to hit the road again.  We set off, rocking out to the radio.  If any car pulled up close enough at a stoplight, they would hear our voices say…

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